Tested on OpenBSD 6.3

Generate passphrases with random(4)

diceware is a random passphrase generator. It uses random(4) as a source of entropy. Make sure your operating system provides good enough randomness.


$ cd bin
$ ftp -V https://www.romanzolotarev.com/bin/diceware
diceware     100% |********************| 18711       00:00
$ chmod +x diceware

Roll dice

On every run it generates a random passphrase, 8-word long by default.

$ diceware
guerrilla agnostic backdoor glove jealous mummy myth sloth
$ diceware 20
khaki hemoglobin artichoke cyclist coverless dictionary
vegetable sardine datebook ruined purse cytoplasm
absorbing narrator snapshot smitten cuticle journal
fiscally neither

Pipe it to your favorite password manager:

$ diceware | pass import twitter
Enter pass phrase for /home/romanzolotarev/.pass/.key:

See also

random, pass

Thanks to Randall Munroe and Joseph Bonneau.